"I got adjusted by chiropractors, got a cortisone shot, took a break from training etc and none of it helped my pain. After my initial consultation with Dr. Seth and upon receiving his program, I felt confident this was the solution. I'm so grateful for Dr. Seth for his help; I am now training pain free"

  • Michael G., Olympic Weightlifter/Powerlifter

    "I was referred to Seth from my coach for a lower back injury. This issue felt like it would never go away. I was feeling hopeless at times even seeing a local chiropractor and doing my own research, trying to rehab it. This went on for over a year until I had an online consultation with Seth. After using Seth’s protocols, I started feeling progress within a week. Finally started feeling optimistic again. I am now back to squatting and deadlifting without pain. Something at one point I thought I’d never get back to. Seth continues to answer questions I have and issues that come up. I am grateful for crossing paths with Seth. I don’t know where I would be without him."

    • Bryan L, Raw Powerlifter

    “After a small back tweak turned into not being able to put my socks on, and I ended up ruining a promising meet prep, I booked an appointment with Seth. He was extremely helpful and understanding to my issue and we got started right away with the rehab process. Even after just the first session of his protocols I was in far less pain. In a matter of 5-6 weeks, I was able to do max effort work again. Seth also helped me understand the nature of my injury and how to avoid it happening again. I highly recommend booking an appointment.”

    • Christian B., Raw Powerlifter

        "I worked with Seth at the end of my rehab for a lateral quad strain. I was unable to squat without pain, and told to stop squatting by another PT. I was lost on how to get back under the bar.

        Seth helped me understand pain science while prescribing me exercises to help me squat pain free again. Within two weeks I was able to squat 135lbs without pain, and within 3 weeks I was back to max effort squat work!

        I highly recommend Seth for any athlete who is looking to improve their knowledge of their body, overall strength, or rehab. This guy truly cares about people, and it shows in his work."

        • Tara R., Raw Powerlifter

        "I have been abusing my body for my whole life. Whether it was 13 year of hockey, a lifetime of skateboarding, or multi-ply powerlifting… my body has some miles on it. Seth has shown me a way to prepare my body for whatever I need it to do. Furthermore, after having a pec tear and several back issues, Seth helped me get back on track with confidence and reassurance that I would become more resistant to injury in the future. Worth every single penny."

        • Anthony O., Pro Multi-Ply Powerlifter

        "I had a back injury while deadlifting that left me with debilitating pain while walking, laying down,  and I could not sleep without pain killers. It developed into nerve pain throughout my body and I could not figure out what was going on.

        I booked an appointment with Seth, and he helped me navigate through how to get back to lifting again.

        He gave me the tools I needed to be able to train pain free, from rehab work and warm ups to supplemental accessory movements to progressions to be able to eventually squat and deadlift pain free. 3 months into working with him and we’re on our way back to 100% layer by layer.

        This is a long road and Seth has helped me every step along the way." 

        • Leena F., Pro Mulit-ply Powerlifter

          "Seth at activated performance has fixed me up a few times after breaking down. He's recently helped me rehab a torn adductor to full strength. Wouldn't go anywhere else for rehab or answers to my injury problems."

          • Luke B., Raw Powerlifter/BJJ