As a strength athlete, I've been there - I understand the frustration of pain, injury, and setback. I remember being stuck in pain; looking for the right spot to push on my body, the right the right mobility drill, or the right treatment. I remember feeling trapped because none of it was working. I remember feeling hopeless because as soon as I thought I was making progress I would have yet another setback. That hopelessness is the reason I went back to school; I was looking for the answer to my problems, although I was wrong about where the answer would come from.

I thought I needed to learn how to do the right adjustment or the right tissue work to fix my injuries. I thought I needed to find the right corrective exercise to stop myself from getting hurt.

I thought wrong.

When it was suggested to me that manual therapy and correctives were a waste of my time, I was in denial. I had put so much effort and dedication into learning as much as I could about them. All the while, I didn't have any long term results to speak of. The treatments I was doing felt good in the short term, but they weren't putting a dent in the big picture. What I wanted the answer to be was not the solution.

Looking back, it should have been more obvious. We're lifters; we already know that if we want to get bigger and stronger the only way to do it is by training. In the rehab world, it's the exact same: if we want to get out of pain, to be capable of more, to build control, and to make ourselves more durable the answer will be found in training.

Our problems aren't because of alignment, tightness, or imbalance. Our problems exist because we are not prepared for what we want our bodies to do. We aren't going to solve those problems with an adjustment, a dry needle, a cup, or a drill without progression. We will solve those problems by training the ranges of motion, the joints, and the tissues that we need to work better. Strength sports are hard; we need to build ourselves up to handle the task.

I am here to show you how to do just that; to guide you back to performance as quickly and efficiently as possible while teaching you to better understand pain and injury.

Your training is the solution. If you aren't happy with the results, I will give you your money back. Weak things break, so let's get stronger.

Who is this for:

Are you stuck with an injury and NOT making progress? Are you being told by a professional that NOT training or competing is the answer? Is pain limiting your confidence in training and on the platform?

I'm here to help, because I was in your shoes. I refined my methods while working my way back from injuries that I was told were "career ending".

Our Goal:

To give you everything you need to progress your way back to living, training, and performing at your full potential. We are here to change your relationship with pain, your training, and your life.

We will do this with ONE visit and the feedback/communication that follows.

How it works:

If we want to be able to live, train, and compete uninhibited by pain we need to prepare our bodies for the tasks we ask of them.

Pain results from the perception of threat, and pain with movement indicates that we perceive threat within that movement. In order to get out of pain, we need to scale and progress movement to allow us to regain confidence in our body.

When we progress movement and increase challenge at a rate we can handle, any tissue healing that is necessary will occur. By using an injured body part appropriately through the healing process it will heal stronger and faster.

If we want to train hard and perform in competition, we need to build ourselves up in order to do so. If we want to reduce the risk of future injury, we need to build ourselves up so that we can handle more.

Why "done to you" treatment is not the answer:

Done to you treatment feels good, and can help you feel better - temporarily - then you have to go back for another treatment.

Things like adjustment, soft tissue, E-stim, needling, and shockwave all have the potential to alter sensation and reduce your perception of pain. The problem is that the sensory alteration will only be temporary, and no permanent changes to our tissues and nervous system will have occured.

If we want to make permanent change, we need to use our bodies and challenge our bodies so that they can adapt to the challenges we place upon them.

What is included:

During the video appointment, we will figure out why you are experiencing pain and come up with a plan to get you back to living and training at full capacity.

After the call, I will build you a document with a plan customized to your needs with individualized video demonstrations and progression maps that will allow you to implement everything we discussed.

Communication will be essential to your progress, and I will be available for questions, feedback, and guidance until you are out of the woods.

Plan updates will be provided for the first two weeks as needed. Exacerbations or complications may require a follow-up visit.

Cost of Assessment, Plan, And Continued Feedback

Single Issue: $250
Multiple Issues: $350
This is not a, "Come back again next week." I am here to design you a plan and provide continued communication that will get you back to doing what you love.

Our Guarantee:

If you do everything in the plan and aren't happy with the results, I will give you your money back - No questions asked.

Lets get Started!

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