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Who We Are

Seth Albersworth is a Doctor of Chiropractic student at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida. Seth has completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, majoring in Exercise Physiology at the University of Calgary. Seth has been a life long athlete, with 15 years strength training experience, 8 years spent as a competitive powerlifter, and 4 years coaching other lifters. Seth has recorded a 2001 pound raw total, and a 2408 multi ply total. 


Meana Albersworth is a Health Sciences student at Queens University. She has been actively working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, powerlifting coach, and nutrition coach for 9 years. She holds certifications from a wide variety of courses specializing in nutrition, strength training, and personalized supplement programs. Meana has recorded a 1041 pound raw total and has been ranked top 20 worldwide in the 132 pound weight class.



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