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Conjugate is THE most effective way to structure training for powerlifting.

But, Conjugate needs to be applied correctly for the lifter to see the benefits.

Are you stuck at a plateau? Nagging injuries and overuse creeping in? Are you consistently hitting bigger numbers in the gym than on the platform? Do you want to understand a training system that will adapt as you do?

This lecture series is for you.

People will say that conjugate is too complex. You'll hear that conjugate lacks the specificity to prepare a lifter for meet day.

This series will give you a deep understanding of the Conjugate system to unlock the simplicity of its application. By understanding the "why" behind Max Effort, Dynamic Effort, and GPP, you will be able to tailor the system specifically to the needs of you and your athletes.

Whether you are a coach or a lifter, this series will make you better at what you do.


Saturday, May 25th, 9am EST - Basics
-Basic principles of periodization
-Conjugate & concurrent misconceptions & definitions
-Top-down vs Bottom-up program planning
-Understanding how linear & block periodization principles can fit into a concurrent program
-Load management & deload options

Saturday, June 1, 9am EST - Building the plan
-Understanding weak points
-Identifying the needs of a lifter
-Movement specificity vs Need specificity
-How to select & prioritize exercises
-Structuring the weekly layout based on your lifter's needs
-How to select & structure waves based on your lifter needs

Saturday, June 8, 9am EST - "Off Season"
-Determining the right off-season goal for your lifter
-The value of GPP
-Building weak points without sacrificing strengths
-How to prioritize hypertrophy
-How to prioritize conditioning
-How to prioritize flexibility
-Getting in shape for meet prep

Saturday, June 15, 9am EST - "Meet Prep"
-Selecting the right peaking strategy for your lifter
-Peaking through the lense of specificity
-Using a linear peak in a conjugate plan
-How and when to pull back on accessory and secondary movements
-How to taper for the meet
-Open Q&A

As a bonus, all attendees will receive six sample program templates each targeted towards a different lifter "type", and a list of guiding principles for building an offseason & meet prep.

Lectures will be hosted over Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent out the week of the first lecture. Lectures will be recorded for those who can not attend live.